Recent Trends in Nanotechnology Patenting: 2005 to May 2011

Published on 06/08/2011 -

Report Overview

This Boliven LandscapeTM report presents an analysis of patenting trends in nanotechnology in the 5 years to end-May 2011. The report is based on a semi-automated and expert-validated analysis of nanotechnology patents, as identified by the EPO & conducted on Boliven systems, a literature review of past patent studies and interviews with nanotechnology and industry experts.


The report comprises brief commentary and key analytics including top ranking organizations by number of patents filed, top ranking industry application (IPC) areas, and patent application trends over time. To provide examples of specific influential nanotechnology developments, an illustrative selection of top cited US patents is provided.


Note: The complete patent dataset on which this report is based is accessible for purchase on request and, after purchase, may be downloaded as an excel file for your own offline analysis. Additionally, CambridgeIP will be pleased to assist you understand activity and corporate IP strategies in particular focus areas of nanotechnology. Request a more detailed report from us.


Related research from CambridgeIP: Click here to read CambridgeIP’s most recent conference presentation ’Nanomaterials trends: Evidence from Science Literature’. The presentation was given by Quentin Tannock (Chairman, CambridgeIP) at the Nanomaterials 2011 conference in London, UK.

Use this Report to:

  • Familiarize yourself with patents in the nanotechnology space overall
  • Understand global trends over the last 5 years, top players and inventors internationally
  • Identify key current and emerging applications of nanotechnology around the world

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