Patenting Flatland: Graphene

Published on February 03, 2012

  • Comprehensive review of graphene patents and patent applications globally
  • Identification of who owns key elements of the patent landscape in graphene
  • Insight into existing R&D relationships in the graphene area
  • Analysis and discussion of corporate and university IP strategies in graphene
  • Identification of key graphene patents and graphene technologies
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This report was created by the experts at CambridgeIP as a complement to recent research published in a Nature Materials article by Quentin Tannock (Chairman, CambridgeIP) around the emerging technology field of graphene.

The CambridgeIP report explores and addresses a number of key findings in the global graphene patent landscape. The report provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of this fast-developing graphene patent space and examines the strategic challenges involved in commercialisation of graphene R&D.

Graphene, also known as monolayer carbon or monolayer graphite, is a planar sheet of carbon only a single atom thick and has been described as the world’s first two-dimensional material. Since it was first isolated in 2004 there has been a global surge in graphene research. Its unique electrical, optical, thermal, and mechanical properties have seen potential applications emerge across a wide range of fields including semiconductors, energy, biotech, polymer science and aviation. Correspondingly there has been a boom in patent filings around graphene in recent years as both corporations and research institutions seek to benefit from this potentially disruptive material. Our research indicates that disruptive graphene technologies are likely to be rolled out by large corporations in the near future. For example, while the graphene-based semiconductor chip is still a long way off, there are strong signs that smartphone players, notably Samsung and Nokia, could be incorporating other graphene-based technology into their products relatively soon. This report also highlights technology ownership by major Universities and SMEs.

In this updated and extended report ‘Patenting flatland: Graphene – Exploitation challenges’ we present:

The report is 70 pages long and contains 45 tables and figures.

'Many graphene technology applications are in sectors which are notoriously patent and litigation intensive. Unsurprisingly, the graphene patent landscape is increasingly patent intensive.'

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