Patents API. Access the Patent database using the Data API provided by CambridgeIP

Largest Patent Data API - Provided by CambridgeIP

55 million+ docs accessible from the Patent Database covering USPTO, EPO, DOCDB(INPADOC), WIPO, JP and KR

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Patent Data API

Welcome to the largest, most accessible Patent Data API on the Internet.

Our API (Application Programming Interface) service allows your programmes to automatically interface with our source data for patents. Access over 55 million patent documents from USPTO, EPO, DOCDB (INPADOC), WIPO, JP and KR.
Using our API you can automatically download patent data in XML, JSON and searchable patent PDF formats.


Please find below details on the Boliven Patent database and how the Patents API can be used.
Boliven boasts a broad and deep coverage of the available patent literature. We are continually working to expand and improve our list of data suppliers, key features of our dataset:

  • Includes over 55 million documents
  • We currently cover USPTO, EPO, DOCDB(INPADOC), WIPO, JP and KR

Contact us to discuss how we can help you use our data in your processes, applications and systems.

Available Methods

Please see the main documentation for general usage instructions, the following section outlines specific Patent based calls