Alfred Rosen

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Patent Attorney • Palm Beach, FL, USA

Phone: 561-758-0946


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  • Beginning this century, retired from active practice of IT Law. Soon started thinking of the need to bring down the fury of hurricanes, and found that I had become one in the long chain of people and organization who had tried and given up on this problem. Being not too bright I persist and now have filed a few US Patent Applications for systems using artificial snow generators to suppress moisture from rising into the eye of a hurricane. My published applications are listed in this public profile. Continuing investigation into the particular environment of the Gulf of Mexico is ongoing, and additional patent applications are on file and anticipated. I now ask for comments on my efforts from my peers; brutally frank comments would be appreciated. If I am wasting time, I would rather learn it now than too late to save my sanity. On the other hand, if I have found the holy grail, I will welcome praise and hopefully something more.

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