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December 15, 2009

Patent granted

Patent Image
US7632805: Growth factor binding molecules
Growth factor binding molecules having a plurality of peptide loops attached to a non-peptide organic scaffold, preferably having pseudo-six amino acid peptide loops with four amino acid sidechains. The growth factor binding molecules specifically...
December 10, 2009

2 patent applications published

Patent Image
US20090305259: Early Diagnosis of Congenital Abnormalities in the Offspring of Dia...
The present invention relates to the identification of a series of biomarkers, the detection of which is prognostic for women at risk of becoming hyperglycemic during pregnancy and/or fetuses at risk of developing congenital anomalies as a result ... + 1 more...
December 03, 2009

2 patent applications published

Patent Image
US20090297523: Erm family binding agents and their use in diagnosis and treatment ...
The methods and compositions of the invention provide new diagnostic markers for cancers (e.g., ovarian cancer, PPC, etc.) and other proliferative diseases or conditions such as psoriasis and endometriosis. The methods and compositions of the inve... + 1 more...
December 01, 2009

2 patents granted

Patent Image
US7625567: Induction of immune responses to isoaspartyl-modified antigens
The present invention is directed to a method of enhancing the immune response of a patient relative to the normal immune response, by administering isoaspartyl-modified proteins, peptides, or cells, to a patient. The present invention is also dir... + 1 more...
November 19, 2009

3 patent applications published

Patent Image
The present invention provides anti-inflammatory compounds, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods of use thereof for treating inflammatory disorders. The present invention also provides methods of identifying anti-inflammatory compounds... + 2 more...
November 17, 2009

Patent granted

Patent Image
US7618776: Rolling circle replication reporter systems
Disclosed are compositions and a method for of amplifying nucleic acid sequences useful for detecting the presence of molecules of interest. The method is useful for detecting specific nucleic acids in a sample with high specificity and sensitivit...
November 12, 2009

Patent application published

Patent Image
US20090281030: Genes Associated with Macular Degeneration
Identification of variant genes correlated with age related macular degeneration, such as variant LOC387715, variant SYNPR and variant PDGFC; methods of identifying or aiding in identifying individuals at risk for developing age related macular de...
October 29, 2009

Patent application published

Patent Image
Polymeric delivery devices have been developed which combine high loading/high density of molecules to be delivered with the option of targeting. As used herein, high density refers to microparticles having a high density of ligands or coupling ag...