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February 7,2012 Commercialisation of graphene based technologies is being driven by players from the USA and Asia, according to a new report published by CambridgeIP. Multinationals are seeking to capitalise on graphene as patent filings surge in this emerging new technology field. more
January16,2012 UK government grants will secure a step-change in the way science literature and intellectual property (IP) intelligence is developed and accessed. The UK government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has awarded grants to CambridgeIP to build on the company’s exceptional work in meeting the strategic information needs of R&D intensive organisations around the world.more
December21,2011 Exploiting carbon flatland – graphene patenting intensifies As the UK government invests into supporting graphene research, the patent activity of UK universities lags behind that of their global peers according to research by CambridgeIP published in Nature Materialsmore
November 4,2011 Refer a Friend or Work Colleague to Boliven. Boliven is proud to announce a referral scheme for your friends and colleagues. more
November 2,2011 Boliven Changes We are proud to announce that our development team has completed the latest step in the evolution of We have made available a range of enhanced features and capabilities that will elevate the functionality and user experience of our subscribers to a whole new level.more
October25,2011 Boliven is changing We are implementing a series of changes to our system. Please read-on on how this will affect you. more
September13,2011 Close to 10% of patents and patent applications related to ‘bird-flu’ and ‘swine-flu’ vaccines are the result of collaboration between National Institutes of Health and private sector. in partnership with CambridgeIP research has published a new Boliven Landscape™ on patenting trends around vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics for Pandemic Influenza H5N1 and H1N1 (commonly referred to as ‘bird flu and ‘swine-flu’). The analysis revealed more than 400 patents filed since 2001, most of which were in North America and Europe. The Boliven Landscape™ is based on patent research by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and is accessible online free of charge... more
June 2,2011 Telehealth technology comes of age: ‘CambridgeIP,’s parent organisation’ reports that up to 89% of medical device patents involve wireless technology A recent report by Cambridgeip, covering more than 26,000 telehealth related patents, has identified emerging patenting hotspots and changing market dynamics in telehealth technologies. CambridgeIP, research team used the BolivenPro patent landscaping features to build the patent landscapes behind the report...more
February18,2011 What is the Future of HFA pMDIs?: A featured publication in Inhalation magazine co-authored by CambridgeIP and University of Sydney Research undertaken by patent experts at CambridgeIP revealed that a significant number of pMDI patents will expire in the next five to ten years. The wave of forthcoming patent expirations could open up considerable opportunities for innovation in the formulation community, both for mainstream pharma companies and generics players...more
September16,2010 Leading Science Literature and Patent Platform: Upgrades and Launch of Subscription Service, a leading information portal for R&D, IP and business development professionals, has launched its ‘Pro Subscription Service’ with enhanced capabilities based on responses and feedback from thousands of Boliven users... more
April 5,2010 CambridgeIP Acquires a world leading information portal for R&D, patent and business development professionals. Science and technology focused business intelligence provider CambridgeIP today announced the acquisition of for an undisclosed sum. is one of the world’s top information portalsmore
December10,2009 Boliven Enables New Opportunities in Life Sciences Open Innovation by Linking PubMed to Patent, Clinical Trials, Device and Drug Data Scientific and biomedical authors are invited to create a free Work Portfolio™ containing their publications, inventions and patents, and clinical trials and enhance their Innovation Networks™.more
November20,2009 Boliven Introduces PartnerMatch™ System to Accelerate Open Innovation Through Better, Faster Partner Recommendations Consistent with member privacy settings, Boliven PartnerMatch algorithm analyzes Work Portfolios™ and profile information and suggests other members who share common interests and experiences.more
October27,2009 Boliven JobsPlus™ Enables Fast and Free Recruiting and Hiring of Leading IP Lawyers and R&D Professionals, as well as Fellows and Interns from Top Universities Free job posting service helps recruiters, hiring managers, as well as executives and in‐house counsel reach 50,000+ top professionals, students, and “passive” job seekers and service providers.more
September29,2009 Boliven Network Quickly Surpasses 2,000 Leading Professionals from Fortune 1000 Companies, AmLaw 200 Law Firms, and Top Universities Utility of Your Innovation Network™ and Work Portfolio™ accelerating as the average member profile now includes 2.5+ items, enabling faster sourcing of clients, partners, and career opportunities.more
September15,2009 Your Innovation Network™ on Boliven Helps Uncover Client, Partner, and Career Opportunities Professionals Never Knew They Had Free Tool Instantly Analyzes Over 100 Million Public and Peer-Reviewed Documents To Help Research, Legal, and Business Professionals View Trusted People and Company Relationshipsmore
August24,2009 Boliven Kicks-Off Widgetfest – Widgets Help Bloggers Communicate About Patent and IP Information Boliven to award a Kindle DX and Amazon Gift Cards to bloggers who use the company’s new free widgets, feeds, and other Web Servicesmore
August13,2009 Boliven IP Top 25 Report Lists IBM, Samsung and Microsoft As Top Assignees; Oblon Spivak, Sughrue Mion, and Oliff & Berridge As Top Agents for 1H 2009 Report Ranks Top Intellectual Property Companies and Law Firms Using Boliven’s Free Search and Analytics Tools; Users Can Build Their Own Customized Analyses And Reportsmore
July14,2009 Free Boliven Patents Leaderboard and Company Newsfeeds Make It Easy to Follow Leading Technology Companies that Matter to You Patents Leaderboard Shows Updated List of Top 100 U.S. Patent Assignees Each Week; Nearly 5000 Companies Included in Company Newsfeeds with More Added Each Weekmore
May21,2009 Boliven Patents Helps Researchers and Professionals Accelerate the Discovery of Emerging Technologies and Companies Visualize Searches with Charts and Graphs of Leading Assignees and Inventors; Expand Your Technology-Related Deal, Investment, and Partnering Opportunitiesmore
May 3,2009 Boliven CEO Thomas Lehrman Speaks at Harvard Business School on Technology Entrepreneurship and IP Talk Titled “Why Every Technology Entrepreneur Needs an Intellectual Property Strategy” Outlines The Importance of IP to Today’s Technology Entrepreneur and Venture Investormore
February10,2009 Boliven Patents Top 25 Report Identifies U.S. Innovation And Patent Leaders For 2008 Report Leverages Easy-To-Use Boliven Analytics To Rank Top Inventors, Agents, Assignees, And Examiners; Boliven Members Can Build Their Own Customized Analyses And Reports ... more