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GB2288315: Pant diaper or sanitary panty


Filing Information

Inventor(s) ROMARE ANETTE ·
Assignee(s) MOELNLYCKE AB ·
Application Number GB9505340
Filing date --
Publication date 10/18/1995
U.S. Classifications --
International Classifications A61F 5/44  · A61F 13/15  · A61F 13/496  · A61F 13/56  · A61F 13/58  · A61F 13/62  ·
Kind CodeA
No Claims, No Drawings


A pant diaper or a sanitary panty includes a front part (6), a rear part (7), and an intermediate crotch part (8), an absorbent body (1) being enclosed between an inner and an outer casing sheet (2 and 3 respectively), wherein the front part is detachably joined to the rear part by means of a first fastening (10). A piece (9) of flexible material, which may be separable into two parts (13) and (14) extends over the front part (6) and is joined thereto over a large part of its surface by means of the first releasable fastening (10), which extends on both sides of a centrally located region (11) of said piece (9), from the side edges of said central region (11) to respective side edges of said front part (6), and that the piece of material (9) is also joined to the rear part (7). The first releasable fastening (10) may be in the form of a sparsely configured weld or glue pattern or be of the hook and loop type.

Independent Claims

The current document has no claims.

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