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Filing Information

Inventor(s) RONALD ROYER ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Correspondent RONALD ROYER ·
Application Number US9265360
Filing date 03/10/1999
Publication date 11/08/2001
Predicted expiration date 03/10/2019
U.S. Classifications 37/403  · 37/903  ·
International Classifications E02F003/76  · E02F003/96  ·
Kind CodeA1
8 Claims, 12 Drawings


A blade accessory for use with heavy equipment to permit changeability between a bucket and a grading blade, the blade accessory comprising a frame, means for mounting the frame to the vehicle, means for attaching a bucket to the frame to permit pivotal movement of the bucket with respect to the frame about a vertical axis along with means to pivotably move the bucket in a horizontal plane. Means to mount the blade member on the front of the bucket are such that the blade member may be angled when the bucket is moved in the horizontal plane.

Independent Claims | See all claims (8)

  1. 1. A blade accessory for attachment to a vehicle, the accessory comprising: a frame, means for mounting said frame to said vehicle; a bucket, means for attaching said bucket to said frame to permit pivotal movement of said bucket with respect to said frame about a vertical axis, means to pivotably move said bucket in a horizontal plane; a blade member and means to mount said blade member on a front face of said bucket such that said blade member is angled when said bucket is moved in said horizontal plane.

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US6860044 Darwin Robert Keiper Mar 2005

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