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US20030153419: Tensioning idler


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Keming Liu · Alexander Serkh · Yahya Hodjat ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Correspondent Jeffrey Thurnau The Gates Corporation ·
Application Number US10075828
Filing date 02/12/2002
Publication date 08/14/2003
Predicted expiration date 02/12/2022
U.S. Classifications 474/101  · 74/574  · 474/94  ·
International Classifications F16D003/00  · F16F015/10  · F16H007/08  ·
Kind CodeA1
13 Claims, 5 Drawings


The invention comprises a tensioning idler. An outer belt bearing ring is resiliently engaged to an inner ring. The belt bearing ring and inner ring each rotate about an axis of rotation. The belt bearing ring is connected to the inner ring with the resilient material whereby the belt bearing ring rotates about an axis of rotation that is eccentrically moveable in a plane with respect to an inner ring axis of rotation. The resilient material imparts a belt tension as the belt bearing ring rotates. The resilient material may comprise springs, compressible fluids, incompressible fluids, or elastomers or a combination of the foregoing. The tensioner is mounted on an engine, bracket, or other device.

Independent Claims | See all claims (13)

  1. 1. A tensioning idler comprising: an outer member having an axis of rotation; an inner member having an axis of rotation, the outer member moveably engaged with the inner member; and the outer member axis of rotation moveable in a plane, the plane extending substantially normal to the inner member axis of rotation.
  2. 11. A tensioner comprising: a rotatable bearing; a circular member engaged with the rotatable bearing; and the circular member eccentrically moveable with respect to the rotatable bearing.

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Patent Family

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US20030153419 Keming Liu et al. Aug 2003
AU2003245255 GATES CORP HODJAT YAHYA et al. Sep 2003