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US20040014371: Amphibious vehicle


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Alan Gibbs ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Correspondent Richard A Sharpe Watts Hoffmann Fisher & Heinke ·
Application Number US10381570
Filing date 03/25/2003
Publication date 01/22/2004
Predicted expiration date 03/25/2023
U.S. Classifications 440/12.5  ·
International Classifications B63H001/00  ·
Kind CodeA1
PCT Application Number WO20PCTGB0103771 - 08/23/2001
Foreign Priority GB0021007 - 08/26/2000 · GB0103771 - 08/23/2001 ·
9 Claims, 7 Drawings


Amphibious vehicle (40, FIG. 7) comprises engine (2) with its crankshaft aligned with front and rear axis (X) of the vehicle; transmission (3); and differential (4) offset from the transmission. The differential has front and rear outputs (21, 16), whose axes are parallel to axis (X). These outputs drive at least one retractable front road wheel (42, FIG. 7) ahead of the front passenger seats, and corresponding retractable rear road wheel(s) (48, FIG. 7) behind the rear passenger seats. The marine drive power take off (PTO) may be taken from the engine timing end (7), as a sandwich PTO between engine and transmissions (28, FIG. 5), or from the transmission (38, FIG. 6). Front and rear differentials (22 and 17) may be provided. Decouplers may be provided in front and rear road wheel outputs, and in the marine drive (10). The engine may be mounted to the rear of the passenger seat(s).

Independent Claims | See all claims (9)

  1. 1. An amphibious vehicle having an engine with a crankshaft aligned with the front and rear axis of the vehicle; the crankshaft having a timing end and a main transmission end opposite the timing end, the crankshaft arranged to drive a transmission from the transmission end; the transmission arranged to drive a differential offset from the transmission, the differential having front and rear outputs, the axes of which are substantially parallel to the front and rear axis; the front output arranged to drive at least one retractable road wheel in front of passenger seating; the rear output arranged to drive at least one retractable rear road wheel, there being at least three retractable road wheels, the retractable rear wheel(s) being behind passenger seating.
  2. 9. An amphibious vehicle according to any of the above claims wherein the engine is mounted behind the passenger seats.

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