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US20040097146: Steering system


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Terence Roycroft · Adam Ruddle ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Correspondent Andrew R Basile Young & Basile ·
Application Number US10381083
Filing date 03/19/2003
Publication date 05/20/2004
Predicted expiration date 03/19/2023
U.S. Classifications 440/12.51  ·
International Classifications B63H001/00  ·
Kind CodeA1
PCT Application Number WO20PCTGB0104354 - 09/28/2001
Foreign Priority GB0104354 - 09/28/2001 · GB0023955 - 09/30/2000 · GB0023956 - 09/30/2000 ·
26 Claims, 5 Drawings


A steering system for amphibious vehicle (100) comprises control (144) connected to road steering means (126). Ram (134) is conventionally used to assist road steering, but by disconnecting command valves (165), it becomes a hydraulic master cylinder, driving slave cylinder (148); and thus marine steering means (121). V represents a layout of valves and hydraulic reservoir enabling marine steering to be disconnected from road steering. The marine steering means may be centre biased by springs. A sensor and control means may synchronize centre positions of road and marine steering. The valve and port layout of FIG. 4 may also achieve this goal. Alternatively, power steering in road mode may be maintained by fitting a master cylinder in parallel or in series with steering means (126); and may have hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electric, or magnetic assistance.

Independent Claims | See all claims (26)

  1. 1. A steering system for an amphibious vehicle comprising a steering control operatively connected to a road steering means for steering at least one wheel of the vehicle and a marine steering system, the marine steering system comprising a hydraulic master cylinder in fluid connection with a hydraulic slave cylinder, the slave cylinder being operatively connected to a marine steering means, characterised in that the master cylinder is operatively linked to the road steering means such that it drives the slave cylinder, and hence the marine steering means, in response to movement of the road steering means.
  2. 8. A steering system as claimed in any previous claim, in which means are provided to selectively activate or de-activate the marine steering system.
  3. 18. A steering system as claimed in any previous claim, further comprising resilient means for biasing the marine steering means towards a straight ahead position.
  4. 20. A steering system as claimed in any previous claim, in which the road steering means is power assisted.
  5. 23. A steering system substantially as hereinbefore described, with reference to and as illustrated in FIG. 1, or FIG. 2, or FIG. 5 of the accompanying drawings.
  6. 24. A steering system substantially as hereinbefore described with reference to and as illustrated in FIG. 1, or FIG. 2, or FIG. 5 of the accompanying drawings all when modified in accordance with FIG. 3 or FIG. 4 of the accompanying drawings.
  7. 25 An amphibious vehicle, characterised in that the vehicle comprises a steering system as claimed in any previous claim.

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