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US20040138703: Seal for posterior lateral vertebral disk cavity


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Neville Alleyne ·
Application Number US10655852
Filing date 09/05/2003
Publication date 07/15/2004
Predicted expiration date 09/05/2023
U.S. Classifications 606/213  · 606/151  · 623/17.16  ·
International Classifications A61F002/44  ·
Kind CodeA1
Related U.S. Application DataRELATED APPLICATIONS
0001 This application claims priority to U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/409,125, filed Sep. 6, 2002, which is incorporated by reference in its entirety.
17 Claims, 3 Drawings


A biocompatible protection device and method of utilizing the device in conjunction with bone morphogenic protein is disclosed to inhibit the postoperative formation bone outside of an intended location. The device comprises a seal contoured to a posterior lateral vertebral cavity to inhibit migration of the bone morphogenic protein from the cavity.

Independent Claims | See all claims (17)

  1. 1. A biocompatible seal device comprising: a solid sheet, the sheet having a protruding portion configured to fit in an opening in a disk annulus.
  2. 6. A method of surgery using a bone morphogenic inducing protein which minimizes unintended post-surgical bone growth, the method comprising: resecting a posterior lateral herniation in a spinal disk annulus; forming an opening in the annulus in a posterior lateral location; introducing bone morphogenic protein (BMP) into the opening; sealing the opening with a biocompatible seal wherein the seal is positioned to cover the opening so as to inhibit leakage of the BMP into surrounding tissue.
  3. 13. A biocompatible seal device comprising: a sheet, the sheet having a first surface portion contoured to cover an opening formed in a spinal disk annulus and a second surface portion contoured to align with the exterior surface of the spinal disk wherein the sheet is composed of a material which inhibits the postoperative migration of surgically introduced bone morphogenic protein into surrounding tissue.

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