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US20050172569: Pitch pocket


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Luc Jutras ·
Correspondent BAKER & HOSTETLER LLP;Washington Square ·
Application Number US10772247
Filing date 02/06/2004
Publication date 08/11/2005
Predicted expiration date 02/06/2024
U.S. Classifications 52/219  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeA1
Foreign Priority CA2457524 - 02/06/2004 ·
13 Claims, 6 Drawings


A pitch pocket for sealing a physical penetration of a roof is disclosed. The pitch pocket comprises a semi-rigid annular shaped curb with a base surface, and an opening to allow the passage of the physical penetration of the roof. The curb is further provided with a split in order to allow one to install the curb directly around the physical penetration instead of having to slip it on the penetration from its opened end. Adhesive is applied in the split so as to close the curb and adhesive is also applied to the base surface to secure the curb to the roof. A pourable sealant is then cast in the opening of the curb to form a solid seal of the penetration of the roof.

Independent Claims | See all claims (13)

  1. 1. A pitch pocket for sealing a physical penetration of a roof, said pitch pocket comprising: a curb having an inner peripheral surface and an outer peripheral surface, the inner peripheral surface defining an opening for said physical penetration to pass through, said curb further defining a base surface; an adhesive applied to at least a portion of the base surface and adapted to secure the pitch pocket to the roof; and a sealant cast within the opening of said curb and forming a solid seal around the physical penetration; characterized in that the curb is formed out of a single semi-rigid unit and is provided with a split for allowing the installation of the curb around the physical penetration.
  2. 12. A method for sealing a physical penetration of a roof using a pitch pocket comprising a curb with an opening and a split, the opening being filled with sealant, the method comprising the steps of: spreading two opposed ends of said curb formed by said split, thus opening the curb; placing said opened curb around the penetration; closing said curb by applying an adhesive to join said two opposed ends together; securing said curb to the roof by applying adhesive to at least one portion of a base surface of the curb; preparing said sealant; casting within the opening of said curb said sealant for forming a solid seal around the physical penetration; allowing the sealant to cure and to seal the physical penetration.

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Patent Family

Document NumberAssigneeInventorsIssue/Pub Date
US20050172569 LES PRODUITS DE TOITURES FRANSYL Luc Jutras Aug 2005