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US20060202365: Self contained wall mounted room humidifier


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Larry Cluchey ·
Assignee(s) CLUCHEY LARRY A ·
Correspondent Larry Cluchey ·
Application Number US11363289
Filing date 02/27/2006
Publication date 09/14/2006
Predicted expiration date 02/27/2026
U.S. Classifications 261/117  · 261/DIG.065  ·
International Classifications B01F304  ·
Kind CodeA1
2 Claims, 3 Drawings


A mist generating, self contained wall mounted room air humidifier ensures substantially complete evaporation of the mist introduced to an air flow drawn from a room environment by preferably providing a bypass air stream of un-humidified room air to cause complete and immediate evaporation.

Independent Claims | See all claims (2)

  1. 1. A self-contained wall mounted room air humidifier that humidifies air drawn from a room environment and causes complete evaporation of the water mist as it is discharged back into the room, said self-contained wall mounted room air humidifier comprising: a) a housing having an inlet for receiving air from the room and an outlet for discharging the humidified air back into the room, with integral sump for collecting excess water; and b) a mist generator disposed in the housing for producing a water mist to humidify the air received through the inlet from the room environment; and c) a mixing chamber that comprises an air stream that is counter flow to the mist generated to enhance the mixing and evaporation of the mist; and d) a fan, or fans, enclosed in the housing, for moving the air into the mixing chamber, and for providing the by-pass air stream for mixing with the humidified air discharged through the discharge opening, said fans to have provisions for mounting inlet air filters; and e) said humidifier shall have a by-pass air system to mix un-humidified room air with the humidified discharge air; and f) said humidifier shall have means of adjustment to control the direction and volume of the by-pass air stream; and g) the fans shall have provisions to control speed and on/off operation; and h) the mist generator shall have means to control the amount of mist generated and shall interface with the room humidity control system.

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