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US20070256280: Fastening device for articles of clothing


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Andrew Azan ·
Assignee(s) AZAN ANDREW ·
Correspondent CATALINA & ASSOCIATES;A Professional Corporation ·
Application Number US11429524
Filing date 05/05/2006
Publication date 11/08/2007
Predicted expiration date 05/05/2026
U.S. Classifications 24/90.1  · 24/114.4  ·
International Classifications A44B132  ·
Kind CodeA1
12 Claims, 6 Drawings


A fastening device for detachably joining together paired articles of clothing, such as socks or gloves, is described. The device includes male and female fastener portions that are adapted for attaching to the articles of clothing and provided with complementary threads for detachably coupling to each other. In applications, the device protects the article of clothing from loss or mismatch during their laundering or storing.

Independent Claims | See all claims (12)

  1. 1. A device for fastening articles of clothing, comprising: a male fastener portion having a first end and a second end, wherein: the first end comprises a plurality of first openings and a first edge having an outer thread; and the second end comprises a plurality of first pins, each first pin having an elongated first shank and a first snap head, the second end adapted for affixing to the first end by snapping the first pins in the first openings through fabric of a first article of the clothing; and a female fastener portion including a third end and a forth end, wherein: the third end comprises a plurality of second openings and a second edge having an inner thread complementary to the outer thread; and the forth end comprises a plurality of second pins, each second pin having an elongated second shank and a second snap head, the forth end adapted for affixing to the third end by snapping the second pins in the second openings through fabric of a second article of the clothing, wherein the male and female fastening portions are adapted for coupling to each other by engaging the inner thread and the outer thread and turning one of the fastening portions. a male fastener portion
  2. 2-21. (canceled)

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