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US20080299632: Methods for Recovering Oil from a Fractionated Dry Milling Process


Filing Information

Inventor(s) David James Winsness · Greg Barlage ·
Correspondent CANTOR COLBURN, LLP ·
Application Number US12130399
Filing date 05/30/2008
Publication date 12/04/2008
Predicted expiration date 05/30/2028
U.S. Classifications 435/165  · 568/913  ·
International Classifications C07C2974  · C12P710  ·
Kind CodeA1
26 Claims, 3 Drawings


Processes for recovering oil from thin stillage produced during a fractionation-based dry milling process. The thin stillage can be heated or heated in combination with centrifuging to separate and recover oil from the thin stillage. Optionally, the thin stillage may be concentrated prior to recovering the oil.

Independent Claims | See all claims (26)

  1. 1. A method of processing whole grains used for producing ethanol comprising: fractionating the whole grain to form low starch fractions and higher starch fractions; fermenting the higher starch fractions to produce ethanol and whole stillage; distilling the fermented fraction to separate the ethanol from the whole stillage; further separating the whole stillage into thin stillage and a wet cake; and recovering oil from the thin stillage.
  2. 22. A fractionation-based dry milling process, the process comprising: fractionating grain into a least one high starch fraction and at least one low starch fraction; fermenting and distilling the at least one high starch fraction to produce ethanol and whole stillage; separating the whole stillage to produce thin stillage and wet distillers grains; and heating the thin stillage at a temperature greater than 212° F. and at a vapor pressure effective to prevent boiling of the thin stillage during the heating; cooling the thin stillage to a temperature less than 212° F.; and separating oil from the thin stillage.

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