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US20090155123: Automated Pipetting Apparatus Having a Combined Liquid Pump and Pipette Head System


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Jeff Williams · Kerry Wilson ·
Assignee(s) HANDYLAB, INC. ·
Correspondent FISH & RICHARDSON P.C. ·
Application Number US12212403
Filing date 09/17/2008
Publication date 06/18/2009
Predicted expiration date 07/14/2028
U.S. Classifications 422/65  · 422/100  ·
International Classifications B01L302  ·
Kind CodeA1
17 Claims, 27 Drawings


The technology described herein generally relates to systems for extracting polynucleotides from multiple samples, particularly from biological samples, and additionally to systems that subsequently amplify and detect the extracted polynucleotides. The technology more particularly relates to microfluidic systems that carry out PCR on multiple samples of nucleotides of interest within microfluidic channels, and detect those nucleotides. The technology still more particularly relates to automated devices for carrying out pipetting operations, particularly on samples in parallel, consistent with sample preparation and delivery of PCR-ready nucleotide extracts to a cartridge wherein PCR is run.

Independent Claims | See all claims (17)

  1. 1. A liquid dispenser, comprising: one or more sensors; a manifold; one or more pumps in fluid communication with the manifold; one or more dispense heads in fluid communication with the manifold; and electrical connections that accept electrical signals from an external controller, wherein the liquid dispenser has no inlet or outlet for fluids, other than through the one or more pumps.

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