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Filing Information

Inventor(s) Howard Cheng · Shinji Yamamoto · Daisuke Kumazaki · Masahiko Nishimura · Junji Takamoto ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Correspondent NIXON & VANDERHYE, P.C. ·
Application Number US12367565
Filing date 02/09/2009
Publication date 08/20/2009
Predicted expiration date 02/09/2029
U.S. Classifications 463/37  ·
International Classifications A63F924  ·
Kind CodeA1
6 Claims, 15 Drawings


A sports video game having a new and improved user interface that substantially increases the potential realism of the game uses a handheld controller that is able to sense its own position, orientation and/or motion and is affixed to a ball. The ball can be a model of a football that is provided with a depression that snugly accepts and retains the handheld controller. The handheld controller may sense motion, position and/or orientation of the ball and provide wireless inputs to a video game system. The video game system may process such inputs to provide a simulated sports action game play on a video display.

Independent Claims | See all claims (6)

  1. 1. A video game play system comprising: an object shaped as a projectile, said object including a depression therein for snugly accepting and retaining a normally handheld controller that can sense its own position, orientation and/or motion; and a video game unit communicating with said controller, said system producing a display that at least in part reflects or responds to throwing or carrying of said projectile, wherein said projectile further includes an arrangement that permits a player to simulate throwing of said projectile without the projectile leaving the player's hand.
  2. 5. A video game accessory comprising: a body shaped like an American football, said body having simulated or actual laces, said body defining a depression therein, said depression being dimensioned to accept and snugly retain a normally handheld controller that can sense its own position, orientation and/or motion; and structure coupled to said body that permits the body to be thrown without the body leaving the player's hand.
  3. 6. A method of simulating a football game comprising: using an accelerometer to sense motion of a football; in response to outputs generated by said accelerometer, determining whether the football has been passed; and conditioned on said determining, displaying a wide receiver that selectively receives a virtual football.

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