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US20090260409: Door Lock Device


Filing Information

Inventor(s) June-Young Lee ·
Assignee(s) Poong Won Industry Co., Ltd. ·
Correspondent HYUN JONG PARK;Park & Associates IP Law LLC ·
Application Number US12165956
Filing date 07/01/2008
Publication date 10/22/2009
Predicted expiration date 07/01/2028
U.S. Classifications 702/787  ·
International Classifications E05B4900  ·
Kind CodeA1
Foreign Priority KR1020080037124 - 04/22/2008 ·
3 Claims, 6 Drawings


Provided is a door lock device. The device includes a fixing rack, an operation rack, a solenoid device, an engaged fragment, and a locking pin. The fixing rack is installed in a receptacle and has a hinge shaft. The operation rack is coupled with the hinge shaft. The solenoid device is installed in the receptacle and has a rod. The engaged fragment is assembled to the rod and ascends or descends. The locking pin is installed in the operation rack and performs a locking or unlocking function.

Independent Claims | See all claims (3)

  1. 1. A door lock device comprising: a fixing rack installed in a receptacle of an oven and has a hinge shaft; an operation rack coupled with the hinge shaft of the fixing rack to open/close a door; a solenoid device installed in the receptacle and having a rod; an engaged fragment assembled to the rod of the solenoid device and ascending or descending depending on an operation of the solenoid device; and a locking pin installed in the operation rack and performing a locking or unlocking function depending on an operation of the engaged fragment.

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