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US20090310124: Development of Disposable/Sealable Caps for Spectroscopic Probes


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Alasdair Iain Thomson ·
Assignee(s) BP Oil International Limited ·
Correspondent NIXON & VANDERHYE, PC ·
Application Number US11922139
Filing date 06/13/2006
PCT 371 date 12/13/2007
Publication date 12/17/2009
Predicted expiration date 06/13/2026
U.S. Classifications 356/51  · 356/300  · 356/246  ·
International Classifications G01J300  · G01N110  · G01N2185  ·
Kind CodeA1
PCT Application Number WO20PCTGB2006002162 - 06/13/2006
Foreign Priority EP05253810.5 - 06/20/2005 ·
14 Claims, 4 Drawings


The present invention relates to a sealable cell for measuring a liquid sample comprising a spectroscopic probe and a removable cap that can accommodate at least the head of the probe, wherein the internal wall of the cap comprises one or more grooves which are disposed so as to allow a liquid sample to enter the head of the probe and air to escape from the head of the probe to enable improved spectra to be obtained.

Independent Claims | See all claims (14)

  1. 1-13. (canceled)
  2. 14. A sealable cell for measuring the spectrum of a liquid sample comprising a spectroscopic probe, which spectroscopic probe has a head comprising at least one optical fibre, a window, a reflecting mirror, a sample support located between the window and the mirror comprising an entrance passage and an exit passage; and which sealable cell also comprises a removable cap that accommodates at least the head of the probe such that the distance between the internal wall of the removable cap and the head of the spectroscopic probe is less than 0.4 mm; characterised in that the internal wall of the removable cap comprises one or more grooves disposed such that, when the spectroscopic probe is inserted into the cap, the entrance and exit passages of the sample support coincide with the one or more grooves and provide a path for fluid to flow from the base of the cap, and into and through the sample support.

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