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US3942024: Automobile engine warmer


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Dickey E. Ingham ·
Assignee(s) INGHAM DICKEY E ·
Primary Examiner Herman J. Hohauser ·
Application Number US5514098
Filing date 10/11/1974
Issue date 03/02/1976
Predicted expiration date 10/11/1994
U.S. Classifications 290/38R  · 307/10R  ·
International Classifications H02P 904  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 30710 R ·
1 Claims, No Drawings


A mechanism and circuit is disclosed for starting an automobile engine automatically at a predetermined time. The mechanism includes a timer which can be set to operate starting at a certain time, for example, to operate from 7:45 A.M., thus the automobile will be warm and ready for a trip at, say 8:00 A.M. An operation timer is provided to shut off the engine after a predetermined time, for example, ten minutes and a thermostat is provided which will shut off the engine when the automobile has reached the desired temperature.

Independent Claims | See all claims (1)

  1. 1.1. A starting device in combination with an automobile having an ignition system, a starter motor, a generator or alternator, a battery, and a heater motor, a first timer and a second timer and a third timer,said first timer, said second timer, and said third timer being connected in series with each other, said third timer having first means connected to said generator and second means connected to said starter motor,said first timer and said second timer being connected in series with said autombile ignition system,said first timer having means thereon to complete said series circuit from said battery to said second timer at a predetermined time,said second timer being connected to means on said first timer to actuate said second timer connecting said ignition system to said battery through said first timer and connecting said second timer to said battery through said first timer for a predetermined time,said third timer being adapted to connect said starter motor to said battery for a predetermined time determined by said first timer and said second timer when said second timer is actuated and,means on said third timer connected to said generator for disconnecting said starter motor from said battery when said generator produces a voltage of a predetermined value.

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