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US3956787: Thread reconditioning tool


Filing Information

Inventor(s) William H. Crumpacker ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Wells, St. John & Roberts ·
Primary Examiner Lanham; C. W. ·
Assistant Examiner Combs; E. M. ·
Application Number US5533082
Filing date 12/16/1974
Issue date 05/18/1976
Predicted expiration date 12/16/1994
U.S. Classifications 470/209  · 470/134  · 408/176  · 470/186  · 470/190  ·
International Classifications B23G 128  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 101 B;89 H;89 P;113;121;123 R;123 P;123 S;129 P;129 M ·
3 Claims, No Drawings


A tool for reconditioning threads on vehicle lug studs. The tool is comprised of a hollow tube slidably receiving a collet chuck. The chuck is operatively connected to a handle that is in turn pivotably mounted to the tube. Pivotal movement of the handle causes responsive movement of the collet chuck between an extended and a retracted position within the tube. The chuck includes internal gripping surfaces having thread cutting serrations thereon. In the extended position, these serrations are separated from one another to enable loose positioning of the collet chuck over a lug stud. The handle is then pivoted to cause corresponding movement of the chuck to the retracted position. As the chuck is retracted into the tube, the gripping surfaces grip the shank between the thread cutting serrations. The tool may then be turned about the axis of the stud to renew or recondition the threads thereon.

Independent Claims | See all claims (3)

  1. 1. A stud thread reconditioning tool, comprising:an elongated hollow tube having an opening continuous along its length;a handle mounted to one end of the tube for movement thereon about a pivot axis transverse to the tube;an expandable and retractable collet chuck having a cross section complementary to the tube opening and longitudinally slidably carried within the tube with one end projecting from a remaining tube end;a longitudinal guide slot formed within the tube;a follower pin on the collet chuck projecting outwardly therefrom through the slot;an arcuate slot cam means formed within the handle slidably receiving the follower pin for moving the collet chuck longitudinally within the tube between an extended and a retracted position within the tube;interconnected jaws on the collet chuck spaced apart about a central stud receiving opening by longitudinal slots formed in the collet chuck, each jaw including interior thread cutting surfaces;each jaw further having an exterior cam surface extending outward from the remaining end of the tube, said cam surface tapering longitudinally from a reduced cross section located within the tube and of a dimension smaller than the cross sectional dimension of the tube opening to an enlarged cross section outward of the remaining end of the tube of greater cross sectional dimension than the tube opening, the respective cam surfaces of the jaws being in engagement with the remaining end of the tube so that as the chuck is drawn to the retracted position the cam surfaces will slide against the remaining end of the tube and thereby force the jaws radially together and as the chuck is moved to the extended position the cam surfaces will slide against the remaining end of the tube and thereby allow the jaws to move radially apart.

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