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US3960396: Handle for opening and closing a door


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Kingo Miyahara ·
Assignee(s) Dowa Co., Ltd. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Hill, Gross, Simpson, Van Santen, Steadman, Chiara & Simpson ·
Primary Examiner George H. Krizmanich ·
Application Number US5504978
Filing date 09/11/1974
Issue date 06/01/1976
Predicted expiration date 09/11/1994
U.S. Classifications 292/347  · 292/DIG.2  ·
International Classifications E05C 2100  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 16110 R;111;114 R;117;118;121 ·
Foreign Priority JA4970584[U] - 06/17/1974 ·
3 Claims, No Drawings


A handle comprising a main body, a mounting seat formed integrally with the main body and disposed on the top thereof, and an adhesive tape coated with a bonding agent on both the upper surface and the underside. The mounting seat is soft and has a concave surface, so that the handle can be readily and positively affixed to the outer periphery of an existing doorknob by forcing the mounting seat thereagainst and clamping the same thereto after the adhesive tape is adhesively attached to the concave surface the mounting seat. The main body is flat in shape and has a rear edge which is inclined such that the main body is spaced apart a greater distance from the door in going downwardly from the top. A protuberance may be formed at the lowermost end of the inclined rear edge of the main body to form a finger holder.

Independent Claims | See all claims (3)

  1. 1. A handle to be attached to a door-knob for opening and closing a door, comprising a planar main body portion which is flat in shape and extending outwardly therefrom so as to enable a finger tip to be positively applied thereto, a semicylindrical mounting seat having inner and outer surfaces extending medially and centrally relative to the outer surface of said main body portion and integral therewith so that the main body portion is attached to the outer surface of said mounting seat and extends from the middle of the mounting seat in a direction substantially normal to the axis of the mounting seat, said mounting seat being flexible so as to enable the mounting seat to be brought into intimate contact with the outer periphery of door-knobs having different sizes and shapes, and double-faced adhesive tape attached to the concave inner surface of said mounting seat for attaching said handle to the door-knob.

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