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US3974822: Solar heat collector


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Pandit G. Patil ·
Assignee(s) PPG Industries, Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Donald Carl Lepiane ·
Primary Examiner Kenneth W. Sprague ·
Assistant Examiner James C. Yeung ·
Application Number US5450703
Filing date 03/13/1974
Issue date 08/17/1976
Predicted expiration date 03/13/1994
U.S. Classifications 126/708  · 126/904  · 126/710  · 126/713  · 126/634  · 126/905  · 126/907  · 52/172  ·
International Classifications F24J 302  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 126270;271 ·
9 Claims, No Drawings


A solar heat collector is disclosed having an outer cover plate, an intermediate cover plate and a solar radiation absorber mounted in spaced relation to each other by edge packing. The edge packing (1) removes moisture from the air space between the cover plates and absorber and (2) prevents moisture from entering the air space between the cover plates and the absorber.

Independent Claims | See all claims (9)

  1. 1. A solar heat collector, comprising:at least one cover plate capable of passing solar energy having a major surface with a predetermined transmittance coefficient greater than zero, said at least one cover plate having predetermined peripheral dimensions and shape;a solar energy absorber having peripheral dimensions and shape similar to said at least one cover plate, said absorber having conduit means for moving a heat absorbing medium therethrough and a major surface having a predetermined absorptivity greater than zero;a rigid spacer frame having peripheral dimensions and shape similar to said at least one cover plate, said spacer frame mounting marginal edge portions of the major surfaces of said at least one cover plate and said absorber to provide a compartment therebetween;desiccating means mounted in said spacer frame and communicating with the compartment to remove moisture in the compartment;a continuous layer of moisture-impervious adhesive mounting said at least one cover plate, absorber and spacer frame to prevent moisture from moving into the compartment; andsaid layer of moisture-impervious adhesive and desiccating means maintaining the compartment essentially free of moisture to prevent the decrease of the predetermined absorptivity coefficient of said absorber and predetermined transmittance coefficient of said at least one cover plate.

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