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US4036579: Lighter


Filing Information

Inventor(s) William E. Marynissen ·
Assignee(s) Bic Pen Corporation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Pennie & Edmonds ·
Primary Examiner Carlton R. Croyle ·
Assistant Examiner Casaregola; L. J. ·
Application Number US5573384
Filing date 04/30/1975
Issue date 07/19/1977
Predicted expiration date 04/30/1995
U.S. Classifications 431/131  · 431/150  ·
International Classifications F23Q 208  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 431277;130;131;150;142;143;255;27 C;344 ·
9 Claims, No Drawings


A lighter of the disposable type is disclosed for burning a fuel such as butane contained in a body member which defines an internal fuel chamber having an opening through which the fuel may pass and including a dual action valve which controls the flow of gaseous butane fuel to a burner in either of two modes. The first mode includes an "on/off" fuel control lever; the second mode includes a variable fuel flow control member which determines the height of the flame produced at an output orifice of a burner by a sparking wheel and sparking flint by controlling the amount of fuel passed therethrough as a function of the rotational position of a rotatable control member. The lighter further comprises novel means to pre-determine the height range of the flame thus produced, by limiting the rotational range of travel of the flame height control member.

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  1. 1. A lighter for burning a fuel of a type capable of providing a combustible gas upon being permitted to expand under atmospheric pressure which comprises:a. a body member defining an internal chamber for containing a supply of fuel, said fuel chamber further defining a fuel supply opening through which the fuel may pass;b. an extension positioned on said body member and defining an output orifice which is communicable with said fuel supply opening in such a manner that fuel permitted to pass through said fuel supply opening is directable to said extension for projecting a flame from said output orifice;c. selectively operable valve means positioned and structured for selective movement from a first position which seals said fuel supply opening and prevents fuel from passing therethrough to a second position which permits fuel to pass from said fuel supply opening to said output orifice;d. fuel expansion control means positioned intermediate said internal chamber and said extension and constructed of a material which is structured and adapted for selectively varying the fuel permitted to pass through said fuel supply opening, independent of said selectively operable fuel valve means, to vary the height of the flame produced by said expansible fuel in proportion to the amount of fuel permitted to pass;e. a rotatably mounted control member defining a plurality of radial extending teeth about the periphery, said control member being operatively connected to said fuel expansion control means to adjust the fuel expansion control means in relation to the angular position of the control member with the control member being rotatable from a first limit position which substantially restricts expansion of fuel from said fuel supply opening to said output orifice and a second limit position which permits relatively unrestricted fuel expansion through said fuel supply opening; andf. at least one limit member positioned about said control member and having deformable tab means bendable between at least two of said radial extending teeth to prevent selective relative rotary movement of said limit member and control member while causing said limit member to rotate therewith, said limit member having at least one leg member positioned and dimensioned to engage a wall portion of said body member to limit at least the maxium amount of fuel permitted to expand through said fuel expansion control means when said fuel valve means is in the open position.

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