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US4038793: Wall structure


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Juan Armengol Roca ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Michael J. Striker ·
Primary Examiner Faw, Jr.; Price C. ·
Assistant Examiner Robert C. Farber ·
Application Number US5540947
Filing date 01/14/1975
Issue date 08/02/1977
Predicted expiration date 01/14/1995
U.S. Classifications 52/125.4  · 52/258  · 52/182  · 52/432  ·
International Classifications E04D 1500  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 52125;192;249;595;182;245;258;184;248;583;587;432;438;437 ·
10 Claims, No Drawings


Wall panels are formed with horizontal edge faces. An edge portion integral with the panel projects from one of these edge faces. Another edge portion is recessed into the opposite edge face and is shaped to fit the projecting edge portion of another panel. A groove extends into each projecting and recessed edge portion to form a pair of grooves facing one another between the edge portions of successive panels. Sealing material, substantially filling the pair of grooves, completes the wall structures.

Independent Claims | See all claims (10)

  1. 1. Wall structure comprising a plurality of generally planar wall panels, each panel having a pair of edge faces opposite and parallel to one another and a pair of vertical edges, at least one vertical edge of a respective panel being spaced from the vertical edge of a successive panel; an edge portion integral with the panel and projecting from one of said edge faces, generally in the plane of the panel; another edge portion recessed into the opposite edge face and fitting the projecting edge portion of a successive panel; a relatively narrow groove extending into each of said edge portions intermediate the lateral sides thereof, the grooves in the edge portions of successive panels facing one another, at least some of said panels having recesses in side surface portions thereof between said edge faces and adapted to permit the insertion of scaffold means during the erection of the wall structure; sealing material in the facing grooves; and vertical concrete pillar structures each located in the space bounded by the respective vertical edges of successive panels, including relatively thin concrete plates spanning said space and constituting inner surface portions of the wall structure, said plates being both thinner and narrower than said panels.

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