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US4071169: Electrostatic metering device


Filing Information

Inventor(s) John P. Dunn ·
Assignee(s) DUNN JOHN P ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Sughrue, Rothwell, Mion, Zinn and Macpeak ·
Primary Examiner Allen N. Knowles ·
Application Number US5703982
Filing date 07/09/1976
Issue date 01/31/1978
Predicted expiration date 07/09/1996
U.S. Classifications 222/76  ·
International Classifications B67D 506  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 22276;DIG. 1;196 ·
6 Claims, No Drawings


An electro-static device for mixing and blending accurately metered streams of finely divided particulate matter is disclosed. The device comprises an electro-static conveyor and at least two electro-static metering devices. The electro-static metering device can be used separately from the electro-static conveyor - for instance, with an electro-static sieve. Additionally, two improvements applicable both to electro-static conveyors and to electro-static sieves are disclosed.

Independent Claims | See all claims (6)

  1. 1. An electro-static metering device for finely divided particulate matter, said metering device comprising:a. two spaced electrodes, one of which is vertically positioned above the other but offset therefrom so that the lower electrode extends beyond the upper electrode on one side of the metering device by a short distance and the upper electrode extends beyond the lower electrode on the opposite side of the metering device by a short distance;b. means for placing finely divided particulate matter on the portion of said lower electrode which extends beyond said upper electrode; andc. output means positioned beneath the portion of said upper electrode which extends beyond said lower electrode.

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