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US4100817: Automatic indexing mechanism


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Peter Ryan · Harry Bradley ·
Assignee(s) Lucas Industries Limited ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Andrus, Sceales, Starke & Sawall ·
Primary Examiner Allan D. Herrmann ·
Assistant Examiner Ratliff, Jr.; Wesley S. ·
Application Number US5676689
Filing date 04/14/1976
Issue date 07/18/1978
Predicted expiration date 04/14/1996
U.S. Classifications 74/111  · 374/E1.005  · 374/E1.02  ·
International Classifications F16H 2700  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 74424.8 VA;25;111;157;148;527 ·
6 Claims, No Drawings


An automatic indexing mechanism for stepping one or more thermocouples through selected positions in a gas turbine engine comprises a quadrant plate having an arcuate row of apertures therein. A first arm is pivotally mounted on the plate and carries the one or more thermocouples. A further arm is pivoted mounted on the plate and also with respect to the first arm and has attached thereto a piston rod of a pneumatic piston and cylinder device whose body is fixed to the first arm. Stops actuated by piston and cylinder devices are mounted on the arms and are arranged to be engaged in the arcuate row of apertures in the plate. A pneumatic circuit and an electrical logic circuit control operation of the piston and cylinder devices to effect stepwise movement of the first arm relative to the quadrant plate.

Independent Claims | See all claims (6)

  1. 1. An automatic indexing mechanism comprising a plate and a member mounted for relative pivotal movement, a row of spaced locations on said plate, first and second stops movable into and out of engagement with said locations on said plate, said first stop being mounted for movement with said member, an element movably attached to said member and movable relative thereto to a limited extent, said second stop being mounted for movement with said element, reciprocating means for effecting relative movement between said member and said element, and control means for controlling the reciprocation of said reciprocatable means and movement of said members and said element and thereby said first and second stops and the engagement of said stops with said plate so as to cause reciprocation of said reciprocatable means while one of said first and second stops is engaged and the other of said first and second stops is disengaged in a manner to effect relative movement between said plate and said member.

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