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US4133085: Connecting clamp


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Erik G. Hansson ·
Assignee(s) Svenska Kram AB ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Cushman, Darby & Cushman ·
Primary Examiner Kenneth J. Dorner ·
Application Number US5829065
Filing date 08/30/1977
Issue date 01/09/1979
Predicted expiration date 08/30/1997
U.S. Classifications 24/486  · 24/569  · 24/457  · 269/234  ·
International Classifications A44B 2100  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 24263 SW;263 A;243 B ·
Foreign Priority SE7609581 - 08/30/1976 ·
11 Claims, No Drawings


A connecting clamp is described which is adapted for easily releasable attachment to a bar or tube having a multi-cornered cross-section. The clamp consists of a yoke having fixed jaws at its ends. One jaw fits closely to one corner of the bar or tube, and the other jaw extends past an opposite corner of the bar or tube and at an obtuse angle, so that a tapering interspace is formed. A wedge for securing the clamp is pressed into said space by a bolt attached to the midpoint of the wedge and extending through the yoke. A recess in the obtuse-angled jaws allows the bolt to swing aside when the wedge has been retracted past the tip of the jaw, thus clearing the tapering space and enabling the removal of the clamp.

Independent Claims | See all claims (11)

  1. 1. A clamp adapted for attachment to a longish body having four parallel right-angled outer corners, comprising a yoke having a gap for partly embracing said body, two planar inner faces at right angles to each forming part of said gap and meeting at a first inner corner, a first jaw integral with said yoke extending from one of said planar inner faces at a right angle to form a second inner corner adapted for close engagement with one outer corner of said body, a second jaw integral with said yoke extending at an obtuse angle from the other of said planar inner faces to form a third inner corner, the distance of said third inner corner from said first inner corner being greater than the distance of said second inner corner from said first inner corner, a member slidingly displaceable along said second jaw for engagement with an outer corner of said body situated diagonally to said first inner corner, and a bolt connected to said member and extending through said yoke for wedging said member into the space between said second jaw and a corresponding outer corner of said body for securing the clamp thereto.
  2. 6. A clamp adapted for attachment to a bar having a multicornered cross-section, such as a non-circular tube or a beam, comprising a yoke having a gap for partly enclosing the circumference of the bar and ending in first and second jaws reaching past opposite corners of the bar, the yoke being shaped with inner flat faces merging at inner angular corners, said first jaw extending from the adjacent inner flat face of the yoke at an obtuse angle, said second jaw forming a smaller angle to the adjacent flat inner yoke face than said first jaw, a wedge slidingly displaceable along said first jaw, and a bolt attached to said wedge and extending through the yoke for taking support from the outside thereof, said bolt serving to press the wedge against the bar for securing the clamp thereto, the yoke and said first jaw having a recess allowing the bolt to be swung aside together with the wedge in order to clear said gap sufficiently for removal of the clamp from the bar.

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