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US4169580: Hydraulic winch for shipboard use


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Rolf Hatlapa · Bernd Horn ·
Assignee(s) Hatlapa Uetersener Maschinenfabrik GmbH ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Michael J. Striker ·
Primary Examiner Robert J. Spar ·
Assistant Examiner Jerold M. Forsberg ·
Application Number US5851970
Filing date 11/16/1977
Issue date 10/02/1979
Predicted expiration date 11/16/1997
U.S. Classifications 254/186.R  · /60D.IG1  ·
International Classifications B66D 322  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 254186 R;187 A;187 B;187 C;187 E;187 G;187 R;150 R ·
Foreign Priority DE2653102 - 11/23/1976 ·
11 Claims, No Drawings


An electrically powered hydraulic winch has a main support containing a transmission connected on one side to a winch drum and connected on its other side to the output shaft of a hydraulic motor contained in a drive housing releasably bolted to the side of the support. A motor housing is fixed to the bottom of the drive housing and forms a fluidtight compartment containing a drive unit formed of an electric motor and a hydraulic pump, which latter is connected via a control unit in the drive housing to the hydraulic motor. A reservoir in the drive housing above the compartment maintains this compartment completely full of hydraulic fluid that is also used in the drive circuit between the hydraulic pump and motor.

Independent Claims | See all claims (11)

  1. 1. A hydraulic winch comprising a stationary support housing; a cable drum rotatably supported by said support housing; a mechanical gear transmission disposed in said support housing and having an input shaft and an output shaft connected to said cable drum; a drive housing; a hydraulic motor in said drive housing and having an output shaft connected to said input shaft of said mechanical gear transmission; a hydraulic fluid housing defining a substantially closed hydraulic fluid compartment; a wet-running electric motor in said hydraulic fluid compartment and having an output shaft; a hydraulic pump in said hydraulic fluid compartment and connected to said output shaft of said electric motor; and hydraulic fluid conduits connecting said hydraulic pump to said hydraulic motor, so that said electric motor can drive said hydraulic motor through said hydraulic pump, said stationary support housing supporting said cable drum and accommodating said mechanical gear transmission being upright and having two side walls which are spaced from one another in a horizontal direction, said drive housing accommodating said hydraulic motor being separate from and secured laterally suspended to one of said side walls of said upright support housing, said hydraulic fluid housing accommodating said electric motor and hydraulic pump being also located laterally of said one side wall of said upright supporting housing and secured to the underside of said drive housing to form with the same a unit which can be removed from said support housing and replaced with an electric motor when it is desired to drive said input shaft of said gear transmission electrically rather than hydraulically.

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DE1250991Sep 1967