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US4257026: Adjustable linearity coil assembly


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Ted S. Zelazo · Thomas J. Wright ·
Assignee(s) Bel-Tronics Corporation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Leo J. Aubel ·
Primary Examiner Thomas J. Kozma ·
Application Number US6082636
Filing date 10/09/1979
Issue date 03/17/1981
Predicted expiration date 10/09/1999
U.S. Classifications 336/90  · 336/110  ·
International Classifications H01F 2106  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 336110;132;134;135;90;192 ·
3 Claims, No Drawings


An adjustable linearity coil assembly for use such as with a cathode ray picture tube. The coil is adjustable for providing correction for non-linearity of the display on the picture tube.

Independent Claims | See all claims (3)

  1. 1. An adjustable linearity coil assembly for use such as with a cathode ray picture tube comprising, in combination, an essentially C-shaped core, a coil wound on said core, a first permanent magnet stationarily mounted on the free ends of said C-shaped core, a second permanent magnet, a nonmagnetizable casing, terminal pins mounted on the casing, at least two of said pins being connected with said coil for providing electrical connection means to asociated electronic circuitry, said casing including an elongated opening therein, and said core being positioned in said casing and having the free ends of the C-shape core extending outwardly through said opening, said first permanent magnet being affixed to said casing and to the free ends of said core, and a mounting shaft for mounting said second magnet in rotatable relation to said first magnet, whereby rotation of said second magnet varies the permeability of said core to thereby provide an adjustable linearity coil.

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