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US4260366: Selectively actuatable candle igniter


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Raymond Karlyk ·
Assignee(s) KARLYK RAYMOND ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Ralph R. Roberts ·
Primary Examiner James C. Yeung ·
Application Number US6072571
Filing date 09/05/1979
Issue date 04/07/1981
Predicted expiration date 09/05/1999
U.S. Classifications 431/298  · 431/315  ·
International Classifications F23D 302  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 431315;298;299;289;290;120;300-304 ·
10 Claims, No Drawings


There is disclosed a selectively actuated candle lighting or igniting apparatus particularly for use with candles whose wicks are within an enclosure. Such wicks are used to float on oil within glass bowls and the like. These candles may also be within hurricane-type enclosures or chimneys. Wicks, as a part of candles, are found in many table settings for both indoor and outdoor use. Many candle lighting devices have been proposed but generally wick lighters have been less than satisfactory since the wick members of these lighters generally accummulate wax and the wax softens and has a tendency to adhere to a tubular member within which it is drawn for extinguishing. The heat sink construction of the instant igniter prevents this problem.

Independent Claims | See all claims (10)

  1. 1. A selectively actuatable wick lighting apparatus which is adapted to be manipulated so as to provide an extended wick end which may be lighted and when lighted provides a long slender wick igniter which may be extended into an open top of an enclosure device to light a "hard to reach" wick, said apparatus including:(a) an outer tube of noncombustionable material and of slender configuration and having a relatively thin wall;(b) at least one notch formed in said side wall of the outer tube and close to one end of the tube, this notch extending inwardly from the outer surface to form a substantially reduced longitudinal cross section area and providing therewith a heat sink area and means;(c) a forward grasping portion provided by the outer tube and extending at least a distance of at least four inches from the heat sink end of the outer tube;(d) a wick holder sized so as to be slidable within the outer tube and having a wick end member removably secured in said holder, this holder having a body portion of a length sufficiently greater than this forward grasping means so that this body portion of the wick holder may be engaged by the user to manipulate the holder to bring the retained wick end outwardly to an exposed condition whereupon this wick end may be lighted and this lighted wick may be manipulated into the enclosure to light the wick of the candle after which the lighted wick is removed from the enclosure and by manipulation the wick holder is moved sufficiently into said outer tube to bring the lighted wick into the heat sink area whereat the lighted wick end is extinguished by the close proximity of said tube, this heat sink preventing unwanted heat from the now extinguished wick end to travel from the end of the outer tube to its grasped midportion, and(e) a chuck carried in and by the wick holder and adapted to grasp and removably retain a wick end portion in the end of said holder.

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