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US4310552: Casting perlite before the swine


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Siegfried Duchstein ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Karl F. Ross ·
Primary Examiner Penland; R. B. ·
Application Number US6052316
Filing date 06/26/1979
Issue date 01/12/1982
Predicted expiration date 06/26/1999
U.S. Classifications 426/2  · 426/74  ·
International Classifications A23K 100  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 4262;74;807;623;630 ·
Foreign Priority AT465978 - 06/27/1978 ·
2 Claims, No Drawings


A swine, hog and pig fodder which comprises the customary digestible meal or grain component, e.g. soy or bran meal, in combination with an indigestible blown perlite additive with a particle size up to 5 mm and preferably between 0 and 2 mm. The fodder can contain 10 to 50 volume % blown perlite which may store in its open-pore structure physiologically or medicinally effective substances such as medicaments, trace elements essential to nutrition and vitamins.

Independent Claims | See all claims (2)

  1. 1. A method of both improving field fertilization and the quality of the flesh of hogs raised for slaughter, comprising the steps of:(a) admixing a digestible hog-feed meal including bran or soy meal with 10 to 50 volume percent of blown perlite of a particle size up to 5 mm and intensively blending the resulting composition;(b) directly administering said composition ad libitum to hogs raised for slaughter thereby improving the quality of the flesh thereof and producing hog waste in the form of excrement containing excreted perlite; and(c) fertilizing a crop-producing field with said waste.

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