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US4313168: Fluid register system


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Walter R. Stephens · Patricio Berstein ·
Assignee(s) Exxon Research & Engineering Co. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Robert S. Salzman ·
Primary Examiner Edward J. Wise ·
Application Number US6128647
Filing date 03/10/1980
Issue date 01/26/1982
Predicted expiration date 03/10/2000
U.S. Classifications 364/465  · 364/510  ·
International Classifications B67D 500  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 364465;510;571 ·
9 Claims, No Drawings


A method, system and data network for a fluid register system used for the delivery of fluid commodities to customers at various delivery sites features a portable data capsule containing pricing information; an electrical fluid delivery volume measurement device; and a vehicular mounted calculator for retrieving the pricing data from said data capsule and calculating a billing amount for each fluid delivery with respect to a fluid delivery volume measurement.

Independent Claims | See all claims (9)

  1. 1. A method of effecting deliveries of fluid commodities to a number of customers at various, respective delivery sites, comprising the steps of:(a) entering into a portable storage medium, customer pricing data and infomation relating to fluid commodities to be delivered to a number of select customers, said pricing data and information being unique for each customer, and which can be different for each customer;(b) placing said portable storage medium into two-way communication with a calculator means to provide for a two-way flow of information and data between said portable storage medium and said calculator means;(c) entering into said calculator select customer codes;(d) obtaining a volume amount measurement of at least one fluid commodity being delivered to each given customer at a delivery site;(e) retrieving from said portable storage medium select pricing data and information corresponding to each respective customer in accordance with said select customer codes;(f) calculating from said volume amount measurements and said corresponding pricing data and information a bill amount for each delivery to each of said corresponding customers;(g) printing each calculated bill amount upon a corresponding customer ticket; and(h) storing each bill amount in said portable storage medium for subsequent retrieval.

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