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US4321041: Miniaturized contra-angle


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Leopold P. Lustig · Anselm Yaron ·
Assignee(s) Leopold Paul Lustig ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Alfred H. Rosen ·
Primary Examiner Robert Peshock ·
Application Number US6209877
Filing date 11/24/1980
Issue date 03/23/1982
Predicted expiration date 11/24/2000
U.S. Classifications 433/133  ·
International Classifications A61C 112  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 433133;114;124;165 ·
17 Claims, No Drawings


A dental hand-piece of the type known as "contra-angle" uses a pair of helical gears on shafts that rotate on respective axes which pass by each other but do not intersect. The gears, one set of which is on a tool driver and the other set of which may be formed in the shaft of a dental tool, engage in respective pitch circles, the diameters of which are smaller than their respective outer diameters.

Independent Claims | See all claims (17)

  1. 1. A contra-angle type operator mechanism for rotatable tools particularly adapted for construction in miniature size comprising, in combination, housing means having a cylindrical bore extending on a first axis, first and second tubular guides in said bore spaced apart collinearly on said first axis with an access space between them, a tool-driver that is rotatable around a second axis passing by but not intersecting said first axis, said tool-driver having extending along said second axis a first set of helical gears which intersects said access space for coupling with a second set of helical gears when said second set of gears is present in said access space rotatably held between said guides and extending along said first axis, said cylindrical bore having at one end an access opening for inserting into and removing from said guides a rotatable tool bearing on its periphery said second set of helical gears, and means in one of said tubuar guides for retaining a rotatable tool in said bore.

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US3368279 Weissman Feb 1968

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