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US4348015: Shock absorbers


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Michel Domer ·
Assignee(s) Hutchinson-Mapa ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Larson & Taylor ·
Primary Examiner Duane A. Reger ·
Application Number US6147346
Filing date 05/07/1980
Issue date 09/07/1982
Predicted expiration date 05/07/2000
U.S. Classifications 267/140.4  · 267/153  ·
International Classifications F16F 308  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 267139;140;140.1;140.3;141;141.1;141.2;141.3;141.4;141.5;151-153;63 R ·
Foreign Priority FR7912115 - 05/11/1979 ·
10 Claims, No Drawings


The shock absorber comprises two stacks, of alternated metallic plates and elastic blocks mutually encircling one another. The blocks of each stack are borne by the plates of the other and are constituted of an elastomer different from that constituting the blocks of the other stack.

Independent Claims | See all claims (10)

  1. 1. Shock absorber comprising two concentric adjacent stacks, each stack having a plurality of metallic elements and elastic elements arranged with the metallic elements and elastic elements alternating with each other in each stack, the metallic elements and elastic elements arranged to bear one against the other upon compression of the shock absorber, said elastic elements of each stack being borne by the metallic elements of the other stack and wherein the elastic elements of the two stacks are constituted respectively of elastomers having different deformation and damping characteristics.

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