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US4369885: Sealed packages for spreadable products


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Sanford Redmond ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Morgan, Finnegan, Pine, Foley & Lee ·
Primary Examiner Dixson, Jr.; William T. ·
Application Number US6222979
Filing date 01/07/1981
Issue date 01/25/1983
Predicted expiration date 01/25/2000
U.S. Classifications 206/484  · 206/461  ·
International Classifications B65D 6532  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 206484;461;462;471;633;525 ·
Related U.S. Application DataThis is a division of application Ser. No. 180,062 filed Aug. 29, 1980, now abandoned, which is a continuation-in-part of application Ser. No. 80,141 filed Sept. 28, 1979, now abandoned.
19 Claims, No Drawings


A sealed package particularly adapted for storing, shipping, handling and for supporting for use after the cover is peeled off, an individual portion of a spreadable product such as butter, margarine, peanut butter and the like. The package is comprised of a relatively flat, relatively stiff base member which is generally rectangularly shaped having the spreadable product adhering to the center portion of the base member and a top member or cover made from a flexible sheet into a shape having a center portion generally co-extensive with the top surface of the spreadable product and downwardly and outwardly extending edges pleated to form peel tabs, said top member being cohesively attached to the base member at the outwardly extending edges so as to fully enclose the spreadable product on the base member with such peel tabs extending beyond the base. The top member is attached to the base member so that it can be peeled from the base member and spreadable product by pulling a peel tab to expose such product on the base member so that such amounts of the product, as required by the user, can be removed from the base with a knife or the like as such product is being used.

Independent Claims | See all claims (19)

  1. 1. A sealed package for storing, shipping and handling an individual service portion of a spreadable product and for supporting said spreadable product for use after opening said package, comprising:(a) a substantially flat, relatively stiff, base member;(b) a spreadable product removably adhered to and supported by the top surface of said base member;(c) margins on said base member surrounding said spreadable product;(d) a relatively thin, flexible cover member having(i) a center portion spaced from said base member and covering said spreadable product,(ii) downwardly extending side walls about the periphery of said center portion, and(iii) outwardly extending margin portions at the ends of said downwardly extending side walls and surrounding said center portion;(e) means for removably sealably adhering said outwardly extending margin portions of said cover member to said margins on said base member to sealingly enclose said spreadable product therebetween for said storing, shipping and handling thereof; and(f) opening means permitting a portion of said cover member to be grasped for peeling said cover member from both said base member and said spreadable product so that said spreadable product remains adhered to and supported by said base member for use upon removal of said cover member.

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