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US4384876: Process for producing krypton and Xenon


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Tatsuo Mori · Juichi Ishii ·
Assignee(s) Nippon Sanso K.K. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Darby & Darby ·
Primary Examiner Norman Yudkoff ·
Application Number US6296152
Filing date 08/25/1981
Issue date 05/24/1983
Predicted expiration date 08/25/2001
U.S. Classifications 62/600  · 62/925  ·
International Classifications F25J 302  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 6218;29;22;40;30;31 ·
Foreign Priority JP55119440 - 08/29/1980 ·
6 Claims, No Drawings


A process for producing krypton and xenon in which relation to the air separation plant is restricted to receipt of liquid oxygen as raw material of krypton and xenon and return of liquid oxygen produced by the process. Heat which is necessary for rectification is provided by an argon recycle system.

Independent Claims | See all claims (6)

  1. 1. A process for producing krypton and xenon, comprising the steps of:supplying to a first concentrating column liquid oxygen containing small concentrations of krypton, xenon, and hydrocarbons accumulating in a main condenser evaporator of an air separation plant;rectifying the supplied liquid oxygen for separation into oxygen gas and concentrated liquid containing krypton, xenon and hydrocarbons;vaporizing the concentrated liquid;effecting combustion of the resulting vapor in a catalytic reactor;removing products of the catalitic combustion by adsorption;then rectifying the remaining vapor in a second concentrating column;compressing argon gas;cooling the compressed argon gas in a heat exchanger;transporting part of the cooled argon gas to the first concentration column to heat the concentrated liquid, thereby liquefying the transported argon gas;liquefying the said oxygen gas which separated at the first concentrating column by the use of the said liquefied argon gas in a condenser/vaporizer;transporting the remaining argon gas to a reboiler of the second concentrating column in which the argon gas is liquefied,then vaporizing the liquefied argon in a condensation section of the second concentrating column;transporting the resulting gaseous argon together with the argon gas vaporized in the condenser/vaporizer to the heat exchanger and then recompressing the argon gas; andthereafter recycle the recompressed argon gas in the above steps.

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