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US4393905: Wire splicing tool


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Frank A. Perrien ·
Assignee(s) PERRIEN FRANK A ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Stephen D. Carver ·
Primary Examiner Lowell A. Larson ·
Assistant Examiner Linda McLaughlin ·
Application Number US6301471
Filing date 09/14/1981
Issue date 07/19/1983
Predicted expiration date 09/14/2001
U.S. Classifications 140/118  ·
International Classifications B21F 1504  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 140117;118;120;123;124;149;106;52;69 ·
7 Claims, No Drawings


A wire splicing tool. The tool comprises an elongated, rigid frame, including a pair of outwardly diverging handle ends. A rigid, integral, tubular frame center receives the shank of a rotatable member for controlling wire splicing. The control member includes an external, wire contacting head which forcibly coils wire ends in response to tool rotation. The control shank includes an elongated, wire receptive groove. When the groove is aligned with a slot defined in frame center, capture (or release) of a first wire segment is facilitated. With the first wire captured, the tool may be rotated to coil an end of a second wire about the first.

Independent Claims | See all claims (7)

  1. 1. A wire splicing tool comprising:elongated, rigid frame means adapted to be manually grasped by a user of said tool; the frame means having a generally tubular center portion and a pair of integral, spaced-apart ends extending outwardly from said center portion;rotatable wire control means associated with said frame center portion for controlling wires to be spliced, said rotatable wire control means comprising:shank means rotatably received within said frame center for selectively capturing at least a portion of first wire end; and,head means for forcibly contacting and splicing a second wire end about said first wire end in response to rotation of said tool by said user;manually operated means for rotating said wire control means between a first wire admitting or discharge position and a second wire capturing position, said last mentioned means for manually rotating said wire control means comprising an elongated stem projecting outwardly from said control means shank generally perpendicularly outwardly from said frame within a travel limiting slot which prevents rotation of said wire control means when said tool is rotated to splice wire ends;said tubular frame center comprising a slot for admitting or discharging a wire segment; and,said shank means comprising an elongated wire receptive groove adapted to be selectively registered in alignment with said slot for admitting or discharging a wire end, and operable when not aligned with said slot to capture a wire segment passing therethrough.

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