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US4428707: Round bale feeder


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Richard A. Cockle · George Spector ·
Primary Examiner Robert J. Spar ·
Assistant Examiner Janice Krizek ·
Application Number US6323661
Filing date 11/20/1981
Issue date 01/31/1984
Predicted expiration date 11/20/2001
U.S. Classifications 414/246  · 198/669  ·
International Classifications B65H 5108  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 41424.5;24.6 ·
2 Claims, No Drawings


A device for unrolling a round bale of hay when being discharged upon the ground from a hay carrying vehicle, said device including a mechanism in which a plurality of rollers form a cradle upon which the hay bale is rested, the rollers being power rotated so as to unroll the hay bale as it sits in the cradle so that a mat of hay is spread on the ground.

Independent Claims | See all claims (2)

  1. 1. A round bale feeder for unrolling hay bales when being discharged from a hay transporting vehicle, comprising in combination a frame, a mechanism in each end of said frame including a plurality of rollers affixed on rotatably driven shafts, parallel to each other and spaced apart at rising elevations from center to the endmost of the rollers to form a depression upon which said hay bales are rested while being unrolled, each of said rollers having means to spread said bales laterally while being unrolled wherein a gear on each said shaft is engaged by an endless belt driven by power from a motor in combination with other endless belts interconnecting at the gears of adjacent rollers, said means on the rollers to spread said bales laterally comprise a plurality of cleats which taper from a greater center height to a smaller height at each of the roller's ends, said cleats extending along the periphery of the roller surface and being parallel to the axis of the roller.

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