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US4440849: Dye diffusion transfer process with development accelerators


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Werner Krafft ·
Assignee(s) Agfa-Gevaert Aktiengesellschaft ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Connolly & Hutz ·
Primary Examiner Richard L. Schilling ·
Application Number US6390262
Filing date 06/21/1982
Issue date 04/03/1984
Predicted expiration date 06/21/2002
U.S. Classifications 430/239  · 430/218  ·
International Classifications G03C 554  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 430218;239;223;487 ·
Foreign Priority DE3125058 - 06/26/1981 ·
5 Claims, No Drawings


The invention relates to a process for the production of colored images by the dye diffusion transfer principle, in which a color photographic recording material containing negative silver halide emulsions and reducible color-providing compounds is developed with an alkaline developer preparation containing a combination of at least one compound from each of at least two of the groups of compounds (A, B, C) defined below as development accelerators. With combinations of this type, equal or higher maximum color densities are obtained for a smaller overall quantity of development accelerator. A: a 1,3-diol containing from 3 to 10 carbon atoms B: a cyclohexane dimethanol or cyclohexene dimethanol C: an aryl alkanol or aroxyalkanol containing from 7 to 12 carbon atoms.

Independent Claims | See all claims (5)

  1. 1. A process for the production of colored images by the dye diffusion transfer process in which an imagewise exposed color photographic recording material, comprising at least one photosensitive silver halide emulsion layer and, associated therewith, a non-diffusing color-providing compound, is developed in surface-to-surface contact with an image-receiving layer using a developer preparation containing a development accelerator, wherein the improvement comprises 1. the color photographic recording material used is one which contains, in association with at least one negative silver halide emulsion layer, a combination of a non-diffusing reducible color providing compound and an ED-compound, and
  2. 2.

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"Photographic Processes and Products", Research Disclosure #15162, 11/1976, pp. 75-87.

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