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US4494794: Vehicle seats


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Geoffrey W. Barley ·
Assignee(s) UOP Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Hoatson, Jr.; James R. ·
Primary Examiner Francis K. Zugel ·
Application Number US6039636
Filing date 05/16/1979
Issue date 01/22/1985
Predicted expiration date 01/22/2002
U.S. Classifications 297/307  ·
International Classifications A47C 300  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 248564;575;588;608;567 ·
Foreign Priority GB7908540 - 03/12/1979 ·
11 Claims, No Drawings


This invention relates to a vehicle seat of the type in which a seat part is supported and guided for upward and downward movement relative to a base part by a spring suspension. In order to avoid loss of contact between the feet of the seat occupant and control pedals of the vehicle, the suspension includes linkages connecting the seat part to the base part for relative movement such that the seat occupant's ankles remain stationary whereas his knees swing about an axis through his ankles.

Independent Claims | See all claims (11)

  1. 1. A suspended vehicle seat for providing isolation from vertical vibrations to an occupant thereof comprising a seat part, which includes a seat rest (10) which is mounted for tilting movement and a back rest (11), a base part (1), and means connecting the seat part to the base part, said means comprising a spring suspension by which the back rest is supported on the base part and which is effective to restrict movement of the back rest to a substantially vertical direction, the suspension including a spring and a plurality of relatively movable structural elements, certain of said elements connecting to the seat rest and to the back rest for providing pivotal movement of the seat rest about at least two spaced apart horizontal transverse axes through instantaneous centres of rotation, said centres being the instantaneous centres of rotation of the thigh (7) of a seat occupant for whom the seat is designed which is positioned on the seat rest relative to any two of said structural elements of the seat which move relative to each other during upward and downward movement of the seat part relative to the base part, said pivotal movement of the seat rest causing the thigh of a seat occupant to remain in contact with the seat rest and to be movable longitudinally and pivotally in such a way that the ankle hinge axis of the seat occupant will remain stationary relative to the base part as the seat moves above and below its mid-ride position in response to vertical vibrations.

Patent Family

Document NumberAssigneeInventorsIssue/Pub Date
GB2020968 UOP INC Nov 1979
US4494794 UOP Inc. Geoffrey W. Barley Jan 1985