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US4512772: Method of applying foamed dyeliquors to fibrous substrates or the like


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Mathias Mitter ·
Assignee(s) MITTER MATHIAS ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Peter K. Kontler ·
Primary Examiner Clingman; A. Lionel ·
Application Number US6450109
Filing date 12/15/1982
Issue date 04/23/1985
Predicted expiration date 12/15/2002
U.S. Classifications 8/477  · 8/151  · 68/900  · 8/478  · 8/929  ·
International Classifications D06B 1100  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 8477;478 ·
Foreign Priority DE3150937 - 12/23/1981 · DE3150939 - 12/23/1981 ·
13 Claims, No Drawings


Two or more liquid treating agents which are to be applied to a stationary or running substrate are formed ahead of a collecting unit which thereupon admits a foamed compound composition into the applicator wherein the composition passes through the interstices of a screen so that it is reconverted into a liquid prior to contacting the substrate. The collecting unit can comprise or may be followed by a mixer, depending upon whether or not the constituents of the compound composition are to be converted into a homogeneous foam. The collecting unit receives discrete streams of foamed treating compositions, e.g., in the primary colors, from discrete foam generators each of which is followed by a storing device and by a regulating device, such as a valve which is adjustable by hand and/or by a computer. The valves can regulate the rate of flow of foamed treating compositions from the respective storing devices to the collecting unit as well as the rate at which the respective foam generators admit foamed treating compositions to the associated storing devices.

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  1. 1. A method of applying dyeliquors to a moving substrate, comprising the steps of separately foaming differently colored dyeliquors; merging specific proportions of foamed dyeliquors at a collecting location; and applying the thus merged foamed dyeliquors to the substrate, including passing the foamed dyeliquors through the interstices of a screen.

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