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US4514352: Shotshell casing with partially telescoped basewad


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Luke J. Davich · Jack A. Erickson · Richard W. Proulx ·
Assignee(s) Federal Cartridge Corporation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Schroeder, Siegfried, Vidas & Arrett ·
Primary Examiner Jeffery Thurlow ·
Application Number US6535005
Filing date 09/22/1983
Issue date 04/30/1985
Predicted expiration date 04/30/2002
U.S. Classifications 264/230  · 264/249  ·
International Classifications B29C 1702  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 264230;295-296;339;322;325;249;310;DIG. 71 ·
Related U.S. Application DataThis is a division, of application Ser. No. 224,267, filed 1/16/81 and now abandoned.
14 Claims, No Drawings


A single-piece plastic shotshell casing and method of making same comprising softening one end portion only of a tube of uniformly biaxially oriented high density polyethylene sufficiently for forming and until a dollup is formed, then telescoping only a portion of the dollup into the rigid sidewalls of the tube, and then forming the dollup into a substantially thickened integral transverse base section constituting a head with a longitudinally extending primer opening therein, the base section being substantially biaxially oriented and the rigid sidewalls terminating a substantial distance inwardly from the outer end of the base section.

Independent Claims | See all claims (14)

  1. 1. The method of producing a cartridge casing consisting in:(a) heating only the very outer end portion of one end of a biaxially stretched thermoplastic tube having wall structure with inner surfaces only sufficiently to soften same and cause its sidewalls thereat to shorten axially and thicken radially to form an integral dollup supported by relatively rigid sidewalls on that end of the tube;(b) mechanically telescoping a portion of that dollup from an exterior position to an interior position within the relatively rigid sidewalls which support the dollup; and(c) forming the telescoped dollup into an integral transverse internally homogenous base section which is devoid of internal physical boundaries and is disposed in contiguous relation with the inner surfaces of the wall structure of the tube and with an axially extending primer opening therein.
  2. 10. The method of producing a cartridge casing from a thermoplastic tube having biaxially oriented wall structure with inner surfaces suppporting, at one end thereof, a biaxially oriented integral transverse base section with a longitudinally extending primer opening therein which includes at least partially telescoping mechanically that transverse base section into fixed relative position within the adjacent portions of that supporting wall structure in contiguous relation with its inner surfaces and forming the same into an internally homogenous basewad which is devoid of internal physical boundaries.

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US6913454 SKH Technologies LLC Ronald C. Schwar Jul 2005

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