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US4582166: Fire escape having guide wire mechanism


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Ralph T. Baker ·
Assignee(s) Baker Safety Equipment, Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Mortenson & Uebler ·
Primary Examiner Reinaldo P. Machado ·
Application Number US6738042
Filing date 05/24/1985
Issue date 04/15/1986
Predicted expiration date 05/24/2005
U.S. Classifications 182/48  · 193/25R  ·
International Classifications A62B 120  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 18248;49;10 ·
16 Claims, No Drawings


A fire escape means is provided comprising a moveable cart for storing and, when needed, moving a fire escape into position for deployment out of a building, the fire escape having an upper, supporting entry ring member and a mesh tube attached to this upper support member, the mesh tube being substantially longer than the building height from which escape is necessary, and a lower, exit-opening support ring member attached to the lower end of the mesh tube. During storage, the fire escape is folded into the cart. The building is provided with at least one opening through which the fire escape is to be deployed. To the building near this opening is permanently attached a guide wire which extends from the opening at a desired angle to the ground where it is permanently affixed to a rigid support on the ground. To the lower ring support member, one end of a leash means is attached, the leash means having a snap-on mechanism removeably engageable to the guide wire attached to the other end. When escape is necessary, the cart is moved to the opening, the lower support member is attached to the guide wire by means of the snap-on leash, the lower support member then slides down the guide wire and the fire escape tube is deployed. Preferably there is a latch mechanism affixed to the rigid ground support which is capable of receiving and latching the snap-on mechanism and affixing it to the ground support when the lower support member descends to the ground. Once deployed, the fire escape tube can be descended by a person or persons to escape a fire in said building.

Independent Claims | See all claims (16)

  1. 1. Fire escape apparatus for exiting a building through an opening in said building, the apparatus comprising an upper, supporting entry ring member and a mesh tube attached at its upper end to said upper supporting entry member, said mesh tube being substantially longer than the building height from which escape is necessary, and a lower, exit opening support ring members attached to the lower end of said mesh tube, said lower support ring member having a leash attached at one end thereto and having a snap-on hook affixed to said leash at its end opposite the end attached to said lower ring member,said building having permanently attached thereto adjacent said opening one end of a guide wire or cable extending from said building at a desired angle to the ground, said cable being permanently affixed at its other end to a ground anchor on the ground,whereby, when needed, a user snaps said snap-on hook onto said guide wire adjacent said building opening allowing said lower support ring and tube to deploy downwardly to the ground and providing said user means for escaping said building through said mesh tube.

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