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US4606681: Tud rethreading and cleaning device


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Bobby W. Collins ·
Assignee(s) COLLINS BOBBY W ·
Attorney/Agent(s) William David Kiesel ·
Primary Examiner Gil Weidenfeld ·
Assistant Examiner Glenn L. Webb ·
Application Number US6489008
Filing date 04/27/1983
Issue date 08/19/1986
Predicted expiration date 08/19/2003
U.S. Classifications 408/215  · 408/239R  · 408/221  · 470/209  ·
International Classifications B23G 504  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 408215;218;220;221;212;213;216;217;219;222;223;239 R ·
Related U.S. Application DataRELATED APPLICATIONS
This is a continuation-in-part of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 06/214,965, filed Dec. 10, 1980, now abandoned, by the inventor herein, entitled "Stud Rethreading and Cleaning Device", specific mention being made for the purpose of obtaining benefit of its filing date.
4 Claims, No Drawings


A device for rethreading and cleaning threaded pipe studs having an elongated casing having an outside surface provided with flat portions for attaching to a torquing means, which casing is provided with a straight channel therethrough shaped to allow passage of the pipe stud with at least a portion of the channel sidewalls having an inside diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of the pipe studs, and having multiple threading dies attached to the channel sidewalls at one open end with the teeth protruding perpendicularly from the channel sidewalls, wherein the teeth on each threading die projects consecutively shallower into the channel as they progress from the open end.

Independent Claims | See all claims (4)

  1. 1. A device for rethreading and cleaning threaded pipe or studs and attachable to a torque means, which comprises:(a) a casing having an elongated pipe receiving end and a die assembly end, said casing having a hollow straight, guide channel through both of said ends of said casing; said die assembly end of the casing having an exterior shape to matingly receive the torque means for rotation of the casing and having a rear opening of the channel;(b) multiple cutting die assemblies perpendicularly attached to and spaced about the inside sidewalls of said channel in said die assembly end, each die assembly having multiple teeth which, commencing with the tooth closest to the elongated pipe receiving end, are consecutively projecting further into said channel, each of said teeth being angled to correspond to the helix angle of the threads of said pipe stud, the tooth being farthest from the elongated pipe receiving end projecting to the bottom of the grooves of said threads, each of the die assemblies being axially offset from the adjacent one a distance equal to the pitch of the threads of said pipe or stud, and a front channel opening in said elongated pipe receiving end located at the opposite end of the casing and having a diameter sufficiently large to receive the pipe.

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