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US4624511: Stabilizer leg interlock


Filing Information

Inventor(s) William J. Oehme ·
Assignee(s) Harris Corporation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Joel I. Rosenblatt ·
Primary Examiner James T. McCall ·
Application Number US6747633
Filing date 06/24/1985
Issue date 11/25/1986
Predicted expiration date 06/24/2005
U.S. Classifications 312/273  · 312/271  ·
International Classifications A47B 8100  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 312276;273;271;221;216 ·
10 Claims, No Drawings


A cabinet has drawers mounted for movement in and out of the cabinet to prevent the cabinet from tipping when one or more of those drawers are displaced outside the cabinet while still attached to the cabinet, a stabilizer leg is provided with an interlock. The interlock prevents the drawer from being removed and tipping the cabinet until the stabilizer leg is in place.

Independent Claims | See all claims (10)

  1. 1. Stabilizer leg interlock means for preventing the withdrawal of an insertable device within a cabinet until a cabinet stabilizing leg is placed in an extended and locked support position comprising:(a) a cabinet having a plurality of receiving means for the insertion and withdrawal of removable devices;(b) locking means for engagement with one or more of said removable devices and preventing the withdrawal of respective ones of said removable devices;(c) said cabinet having a base area and being supported on said base;(d) a cabinet stabilizer leg mounted in said cabinet for extension into an operative position for supporting said cabinet from a first location outside said base;(e) interlock means for engagement with said cabinet support means and said locking means to disengage said locking means from their respective devices for withdrawal from said cabinet; and(f) said interlock means, when engaged with said stabilizer leg cabinet support in its said operative position, disengaging said locking means.

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