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US4645352: Conversion unit for a portable hand-held appliance and convertible mixer combination utilizing same


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Bruno M. Valbona · Bruno Satkunas · Stanley J. Brym ·
Assignee(s) Dynamics Corporation of America ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Sixbey, Friedman & Leedom ·
Primary Examiner Robert W. Jenkins ·
Application Number US6774951
Filing date 09/11/1985
Issue date 02/24/1987
Predicted expiration date 09/11/2005
U.S. Classifications 366/349  · 366/129  ·
International Classifications B01F 1300  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 366349;348;343;344;297;129;299;300;301;298;292;199;197;241 ·
12 Claims, No Drawings


A conversion unit is provided which permits the conversion of a portable hand-held appliance, such as a mixer having a pair of beaters, to a stationary drink mixer having a single depending stirring shaft. The conversion unit includes a power unit receptacle that securely supports the portable appliance power unit in a manner which permits the driving engagement of the stirring shaft by a power take-off of the portable appliance power unit. Stabilizing fingers in the power unit receptacle additionally engage the power unit to provide enhanced stability. Storage for the pair of mixer beaters may be provided at the rear of the unit when the portable appliance is an electric mixer so that all components of the convertible mixer combination are maintained within a single integrated unit.

Independent Claims | See all claims (12)

  1. 1. A conversion unit for converting a portable hand-held appliance of the type having a power unit with a housing enclosing a motor which is drivingly coupled to a power take-off means to a stationary drink mixer, said conversion unit comprising:a. a base with an upright standard extending upward from said base;b. power unit receiving means on the uppermost end of said standard for detachably and fixedly holding the appliance power unit;c. elongated stirring means for mixing substantially liquid compositions rotatably journaled to said power unit receiving means to extend toward said base; andd. coupling means connected to said stirring means and extending into said power unit receiving means for matingly engaging the appliance power unit power take-off means upon reception of the power unit within the power unit receiving means to provide a driving connection between said power unit and said stirring means.
  2. 7. A convertible mixer combination comprising a portable hand-held mixer of the type having a power unit with a housing enclosing a motor that is drivingly coupled to a pair of beater sockets and to a supplemental power take-off socket and a conversion unit for converting the portable hand-held mixer into a stationary drink mixer, said conversion unit including:a base with an upright standard;a power unit receptacle located at an upper end of said standard and having a receiving space for detachably fixedly holding the mixer power unit;a stirrer having a vertical shaft that is rotatably journaled to a bottom wall of said power unit receptacle; anda take-off coupling plug connected to an upper end of the stirrer shaft, said take-off coupling plug projecting upwardly into said receiving space at a location for matingly engaging the supplemental power take-off of the mixer power unit upon reception of the power unit within said receiving space.

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