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US4700922: Medical equipment mounting apparatus


Filing Information

Inventor(s) James R. Gross ·
Assignee(s) The Kendall Company ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Donald N. Halgren ·
Primary Examiner Reinaldo P. Machado ·
Assistant Examiner Alvin Chin-Shue ·
Application Number US6684238
Filing date 12/20/1984
Issue date 10/20/1987
Predicted expiration date 12/20/2004
U.S. Classifications 248/558  · 248/282  ·
International Classifications F16M 1300  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 248282;283;276;278;124;122;121;558;DIG. 11;DIG. 12;518;535 ·
6 Claims, No Drawings


Medical equipment mounting apparatus with a plurality of pivotally connected members including a first upright member designed for snug upright support of receipt within a standard IV pole hole, or mounting bracket, of a hospital bed. The equipment is releasibly detachable from the mounting means, and the mounting apparatus itself is releasibly detachable from the bed frame to facilitate its easy use at different bed locations. The pivotal connection between the arms enables 180 degrees of movement in either of two directions between some of the arms, so that the medical equipment can be located alongside the bed frame in parallel relationship therewith. The first upright member has couplers at opposite ends of different diameters for mating receipt within pole holes of different diameters. Alternately, the effective diameter of the first member is selectively altered to fit within different sized IV pole mounting holes.

Independent Claims | See all claims (6)

  1. 1. Apparatus for mounting medical equipment to standard intravenous pole mounting holes of two different sized diameters, comprising:a pivot coupler member having a pair of opposite ends of different diameters for snug receipt of one of said ends at a time within intravenous pole mounting holes of correspondingly different standard sized diameters, respectively, andmeans for mounting the medical equipment to the coupler member intermediate the pair of opposite ends.
  2. 4. A method of mounting medical equipment to different mounting fixtures by means of mounting apparatus having a mounting member with a pair of different fixture pivot couplers at opposite ends thereof for mated coupling with two different mounting fixtures and means for attaching the medical equipment to the mounting member at a location intermediate said opposite ends, comprising the steps of:selecting a fixture to which the equipment is to be mounted;selecting which of the pair of couplers will properly mate with the selected fixture; andcoupling the selected coupler with the selected fixture.

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