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US4708774: Coal compactor rod retainer


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Gerhard Turner ·
Assignee(s) Saarbergwerke AG ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Karl F. Ross ·
Primary Examiner Barry S. Richman ·
Assistant Examiner Joye L. Woodard ·
Application Number US6897060
Filing date 08/04/1986
PCT 371 date 08/04/1986
Issue date 11/24/1987
Predicted expiration date 08/04/2006
U.S. Classifications 202/239  · 173/53  ·
International Classifications C10B 4502  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 202239;270 ·
PCT Application Number PCTDE8500510 - 12/06/1985
PCT Publication Number WO198603509 - 06/19/1986
Foreign Priority DE3445068 - 12/11/1984 ·
7 Claims, No Drawings


Compacting rod retainers are disposed on both sides of a web of the compacting rods and consist each of a bushing mounted on a drive shaft eccentrically, on which a carrier is slidably engaged, and cooperating with an associated clamping wedge. The opposite side of the clamping wedge cooperates correspondingly with the web of the compacting rod, so that upon an appropriate rotary motion of the shaft the carrier is moved translating the clamping wedge pressing against the web of the compacting rod, or releasing it. Thereby area pressure is attained, which makes possible the utilization of very heavy compacting rods.

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  1. 1. A compacting rod retainer for a coal compactor, comprising:an upright compacting rod in the form of an I-beam;a pair of compacting rod retainers disposed on opposite sides of said rod, and each said retainer comprising:a rotatable drive shaft,a bushing eccentrically mounted on said shaft for rotation therewith,a linearly reciprocatable carrier engaging said bushing in a non-rotatable manner and extending transversely thereof, anda clamping wedge slidably mounted on said carrier and juxtaposed with a web of said rod, whereby upon rotation of said shaft and the associated bushing, said carrier is displaced towards said compacting rod to engage said web with said wedge or to release said web from engagement with said wedge.

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